Genre: romantic action comedy; road movie

Director: Martin Makariev
DOP: Andrei Andreev
Screenplay: Borislav Zahariev
Film editing: Nikola Milenov
Music: Antony Rikev-Wah Tony, Mihail Dichev, Alexander Sano
Producers: Yana Marinova and Alexander Sano
Executive producer: Martin Makariev

Watch the movie on HBO GO and Neterra.tv

Boryana (Yana Marinova) and Mila (Luiza Grigorova-Makariev) are childhood friends with wild hearts and big dreams. But life treats them different than what they’ve expected and both turned out to be someone they don’t like. Young Boryana dreams to become a motorcycle champion, instead, she is a devastated divorced woman who cleans houses for a living. Mila wants to be a writer but all she writes are emails and leaflets at the call center where she works. Everything changes when Boryana falls in love again. She is ready to do anything for her man. Because of him, she steals 30 000 BGN from the safe box of a rich family she works for. The main idea is to bring the money back before anyone notices. This triggers a snowball effect of reckless decisions and unpredictable actions. Boryana “accidentally” kidnaps the son of the rich family Martin (Basil Eidenbenz) and drags her best friend Mila (Luiza Grigorova-Makariev) into the whole story. The two impulsive women find themselves driving to Varna with stolen money, a kidnapped man on the back seat and cops following their leads. Inspector Donev (Alexander Sano) is the nightmare of all criminals and he is determined to catch the two “housewives” as he calls them, but Boryana and Mila are much more creative when it comes to running for their lives. The difficulties they go through pull them together and make them realize what real friendship means. They finally learn that happiness is a choice of living and they need to fight for their dreams in order to become the persons they have always wanted to be.

A lot of humor, wild action and good music made exclusively for the movie, strong friendship and true love. “Wildlings” is all of that. Coming soon at the theatres next to you.

Boryana (Bobby) is a confused woman. Rebel with dreams of being a motorcycle champion in her childhood but now she struggles to find her real self.Read More
Donev is a perfectionist with sharp mind. His motto is “The devil is in the detail”. He is famous for solving his cases under 24 hours.Read More
She is Boryana’s best friend. Her sacred dream is to be a writer, but instead she works in a call center. Mila loves Boryana too much...Read More
Martin is the only child of a rich English couple. His parents have everything planned for him – from graduation to friendships, work and even marriage.Read More
Inspector Donev’s right hand. Strict and efficient, she follows the footsteps of her mentor. She has always wanted to work for the police and to solve difficult cases.Read More
Annoying smarty and a poky fraud. People close to him do not trust the guy. But he has his ways to get under the skin of despondent women.Read More
Vasil is a free spirit. He does what he wants and how he wants it. He is a truck driver but unconventional one.Read More
Boryana’s ex. Her first love and biggest disappointment in life. She caught him cheating and this put an end to her dreams for true love.Read More
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